Probiotics and Bowel Disorders

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that exist in your small and large intestines. They live in a healthy, normal digestive tract.

Friendly bowel bacteria are frequently destroyed after taking antibiotics, since they destroy the good as well as the bad bacteria. Deprived of the help of these friendly bacteria, we would not produce the B vitamins. Additionally, foods with preservatives would not be broken down satisfactorily for comprehensive utilization. This puts too much stress on our friendly bacteria and many of them die.

Here are several of the purposes probiotics help accomplish to keep you strong:

  1. Inhibit sensitive reactions by helping with digestion (the breaking down of foods in the body into a form that can be absorbed and utilized).
  2. Help assimilate other nutrients including protein.
  3. Defeat disease causing bacteria by fabricating natural antibiotics.
  4. Prevent Candida albicans, a fungus that can produce yeast infection, particularly in the mouth and vagina.
  5. Enhance bowel function.

Probiotics help reestablish the friendly bacteria in your gut that research declares is essential to your immune system, appropriate digestion and assimilation of food. When do you need to take probiotics?

  • If you have yeast infections (an overgrowth of a fungus in the vagina, intestines, mouth or skin)
  • If you have taken antibiotics
  • If you experience allergy problems with digestion
  • If you experience gas or bloating, constipation, or any common bowel conditions
  • If you are or have taken birth control pills

The ideal time for taking probiotics is at toothbrush time. As soon as you get up and right before bed. This is when we have the lowest levels of stomach acid.

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