Constipation Relief during the Summer

So what causes constipation during the summer heat? What makes our bowel movements change during the summer? The answer is water water water. What all of us don’t realize is HOW MUCH water our bodies lose trying to stay cool in the summer heat, especially now when temperatures have escalated to extreme levels.

The bowel uses water to move fecal matter through the large intestine. When it’s hot out and we sweat, not realizing how much water that sweat adds up to keep the body temperature from overheating, results in the slowing down the process of the bowel increasing constipation levels. To get constipation relief during increasing temperatures and maintaining the bodies normal operating temperature takes a lot of water.

Keeping the brain from overheating is much like keeping your car’s engine from overheating. If your car’s engine overheats, your car stops running and most likely sustains damage to the engine. If You overheat you start getting light headed, or even faint or pass out which is dangerous, on many counts. If you notice a change in bowel habits and need constipation relief during the summer, drink WATER! Many times regular elimination can change just by watching the mercury rise if you’re not immediately increasing hydration. SECRET? Measure your water intake! 2 quarts is a ‘regular weather’ minimum, so increase to 3 quarts if your inside and outside, outside needing more sweat to stay cool. If outside a majority of the time, 1 gallon (4 quarts) should be considered, especially if in desert area’s (high heat).

Another “method” of drinking water is to KEEP IT SIMPLE: 1 full glass (10-12 oz.) every hour generally during hours 8-6. This method keeps you hydrated, your colon working at optimal levels and will help some in weight loss because your stomach has water in it which you might otherwise be filling by eating.

A tell tale sign of good hydration: clear colored urine, so look next time you go. BE SMART, think hydration. WATER is your best friend and is #1 for constipation relief during the summer!

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