Could Constipation be the Cause of Lower Back Pain?

December 6, 2012

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 Constipation and lower back pain frequently complement one another. Constipation is a factor to a condition that health physicians and chiropractors categorize as simple back pain. That is, constipation regularly results in lower back pain when no other reason of back pain is apparent. The stress on the back caused by constipation can vary from mild to severe.

How can you know if lower back pain is caused by constipation? If the pain is located in one part of the lower back, extending to the buttocks or thighs during the worst attacks, then constipation is possibly the reason. Often when constipation is the cause of lower back pain, a cough or a sneeze makes pain much worse. Also when constipation is the cause of back pain, pain is reduced by lying down.

Constipation causes lower back pain in a surprising ninety five percent of cases. The twisting movements people tolerate to help their intestines move can be very harmful to the lower back.

Laxatives are not a decent option. This is particularly true on some of the stronger herbal laxatives such as senna and rhubarb root; cascara sagrada is even less needed.

The way laxatives make the bowels move is by paralyzing some muscles and stimulating others. The imbalance required to force stool out can cause back spasms.

It’s much healthier to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and take small amounts of fiber supplements. Fluid and fiber intake do not relieve constipation right away, but they will not set off back spasms, either.

The other thing you can do to evade constipation when you have lower back pain is to choose your pain relievers cautiously.

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