Having a Bowel Movement Every Day Since Taking Poopdoc

I suffered a spinal cord injury 5 years ago that paralyzed half my body and left me with sluggish bowels. I am on high doses of morphine for the pain, which only adds to the constipation problem. The past five years had been a nightmare and weeks would pass without having a bowel movement. I have had to visit the ER at least 3 times as a result. The strongest stuff the doctors prescribed could not help with my issues. Or, in order for their prescription product to work, I would have to suffer weeks of diarrhea. Of course, I eat a high fiber diet and take psyllium husk, drink lots of water, and all that is recommended for a healthy bowel….but all to no avail until I found Doug Kauffman’s website and his link to Poopdoc.com. The website was very informative, simple and what they had to say made sense to me. The product was also affordable…very important on a meager disability income. I was thrilled when my package arrived within one day of ordering! Within 3 days I began to have regular bowel movements and I didn’t have to suffer diarrhea. I have been regular, having a bowel movement EVERY DAY, since taking Poopdoc constipation relief formula. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!

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